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Yes, really! You see, the folks behind are real, full-time working hypnotherapists.  We see people every day looking for help to make changes in their lives. We work with real people, day in and day out, to create real, lasting, effective change with amazing ease.  So you see, we've been expecting you. And while we haven't worked with YOU, yet, we've worked with many people just like you.

  • Do you feel like you've tried everything else, but it just hasn't worked?
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Then you're in good company, because that's what we hear from our clients in our offices.  And yes, they get results. View our testimonials page.

If you're looking for solutions, fast, browse our professionally recorded hypnosis audio sessions to help with Weight Loss, Confidence, Fears & Phobias, other Health issues and our popular Collections of audios, such as Creating Better Habits and Creating Your Best Self.  Our recordings use a unique combination of hypnosis, NLP and brainwave entrainment to help you achieve a state of hypnosis quickly and accelerate results.

If you have questions about hypnosis, spend some time looking over our FAQs and articles, or watching our video primer course on hypnosis.  The very nature of hypnosis is healing from within: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing.  So you have nothing to fear, and learning what hypnosis is will help you to get the most from your sessions, whether you choose to do the work with our exclusive audio downloads, or choose to work with one of us in live sessions via phone or Skype.  Keep in mind, though, that hypnosis is no substitution for medical or psychiatric care, but is rather meant to work in conjunction with proper medical and psychiatric services.  See our disclaimer for more information. will be the largest Hypnosis communities and publishing platforms online, as well as provides high-level educational training products and services to consumers and practitioners.



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