Hypnosis Hangouts

The Regularly scheduled Hypnosis Hangouts are a place to get information about Hypnosis, often in a live forum and available to qualified Self Hypnosis members as archived hangouts to view at your leisure. The Hangouts deliver valuable insights and teaching about Self Hypnosis, Phobia triggers, habit un-hypnotizing techniques and lots more. Some hangouts are for professional hypnotists, others for those learning hypnosis for themselves or as a consideration to help others and we even have hangouts for folks wanting to brush up on Self Hypnosis skills or just learn the basics and concepts.  

For a limited time and while space available get in on the Hypnosis Hangouts for beginners to novice level; normally priced at $57 per session NOW ONLY $5.77 per session (The same price qualifed annual members pay).

Hypnosis Hangouts are Tuesday Evenings at 9PM ET/8PM CT/6PM PT and Saturdays 12 Noon ET/11AM CT/9AM PT





Hangout Limited Time Offers



Qualified attendees may ask questions of the Hypnotist on the live sessions.

Here is an audio excerpt from a recent Live Hangout Session Exclusively for our members

The fees to join hangouts are related to beginner and professional levels. Sessions cost from 9.97 per session for the introduction to hypnosis to 197.00 for the professional level hangouts. Memberships in the Hangouts are available in one session at a time or 6-12 month options.

Register here for free and you'll be notified when the sessions are scheduled for your consideration.

email to:  HypnosisHawaii77bi@gmail.com

Please put in the subject line I want to join the Selfhypnosis.com hangouts



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Hangout Limited Time Offers

Ethical Standards

The Internet has lots of web sites which offer hypnosis \services that have not been created by experienced professionals, nor are they based on current research-based practices even though hypnosis has been around for 8000 years. Some of those services on the internet may do more harm than good.

At Self Hypnosis we work within ethical guidelines to ensure that every program that we personaly provide meets the highest professional standards, based on current research and knowledge. We also use our knowledge of what hypnosis is good for to guide the topics we select and have experience with.  Some of the offerings on our site are offered by us as a reseller for other Hypnotists who's work we only offer for resale to the consumer.  To find out which products are ours email us at HypnosisHawaii77bi@gmail.com

We will only develop services for things that:

  1. We have successfully treated in our clinical settings
  2. Or for which there is research supporting the effective use of hypnosis
  3. And which common sense says hypnosis could practically help (for example, there is no link that we can see between the use of hypnosis and face lifts or Growing hair!)

Emotional problems work much more on the "feeling level" than the "thinking level" which is why just trying to think differently is so hard when trying to lift. Hypnosis can help you feel different quickly which then makes you think differently about a situation. This is much easier and more natural way of changing bad habits.