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How does Self Hypnosis work?

Although researchers have attempted to explain hypnosis in their own terms, they have no clear definition of it. Much of this confusion is due to the fact that no one can really know what goes on inside another person’s mind during the hypnotic state. However, we do know some basic facts about the state of hypnosis. We know that our mind works on two levels – a conscious and a subconscious, or outer and inner state of mind. Our conscious mind takes care of day-to-day business – making decisions, performing physical activities and solving problems. Our subconscious mind, on the other hand, handles bodily functions without our conscious decision. It regulates our heart rate, respiration, the blinking of our eyes, feeling of pain and all our habits. It is the subconscious mind that also comes into play when hypnosis takes place.

During hypnosis, a person’s conscious mind is somewhat subdued, not asleep but merely less interested in what is happening. This allows the subconscious mind to become more active. As a hypnotist talks to a hypnotized person, the subconscious mind more readily accepts what it is told and governs the body accordingly. One very important factor of the subconscious mind is that it is totally objective. If the subconscious mind chooses to accept a particular suggestion, it is done uncritically, as fact, without any clouding or emotion affecting its outcome.

In simple terms, hypnosis is merely a state of increased suggestability: a state in which we are more likely to be able to accept the suggestions of another person than we are without the condition of hypnosis. While all that we learn eventually reaches the subconcious mind, the hypnotic state is a much more direct and effective way of reaching a goal. A suggestion, once received and accepted by the subconscious, is automatically and uncritically acted upon – as long as it remains in effect.

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Jay Luck is a Master Hypnotist    He has three offices in the USA as of this writing and will be opening in Chennai India in late 2014.  He has helped his clients solve hundreds of issues and has thousands of testimonials at his clinics and his website as evidence that his style of Hypnosis and NLP/NAL works.  Now offering Private on-line sessions just like patients and clients recieve in his office.  His clients are as young as 12 years old (with Parents in attendance) and as old as 97 (so far).

 Hypnosis – Fact & Fiction

In discussing hypnosis with others, there are several basic questions that usually arise. Many of these questions evolve out of misconceptions and fallacies that abound in regard to hypnosis and the hypnotic process.

One very common fallacy is that persons who are able to be hypnotized are weak-willed or feeble-minded. Naturally, the opposite is more accurate. The more intelligent and imaginative a person is, the easier it is for him/her to be hypnotized.

Another fallacy is that under hypnosis a person will do anything – good or bad, that they are a slave who automatically obeys the master hypnotist. Again, that is completely FALSE, under hypnosis, a subject will not do anything that is contrary to their principles nor will they commit an anti-social criminal act. They have the power to select only the suggestions that they are willing to accept. With hypnosis, a person may reject any improper or immoral suggestions that are given. A hypnotized person is always in complete control. One will not go into hypnosis unless they want to, they will not do anything unless they want to, they will not stay in the hypnotic state when they want to come out of it. Remember all hypnosis is self hypnosis.


The use of hypnosis is virtually unlimited in nature. The most common of these are weight and smoking control. It can also be used for such things as alcoholism, drug addictions, insomnia, migraine headaches, pain control, sexual problems, nail-biting, thumb sucking, bed wetting, anxieties, phobias and various psychological problems such as depression and compulsion. Hypnosis can help develop memory and increase concentration. It can improve such things as study habits, self-confidence and athletic skills. Presently, hypnosis is being used effectively in many different settings, including medical, dental and legal areas. Every day, new and innovative uses are being discovered by creative practitioners.

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Self Hypnosis Video Series

RESULTS VARY – We cannot ethically guarantee your results it is dependent upon each clients effort to use the sessions in a responsible manner.  You understand that use of the Self Hypnosis videos are at your own risk and not under supervision by a trained hypnotist.